Injection Molding Custom Rubber Parts
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Injection Molding Custom Rubber Parts

Here at Liangju Rubber, where your designs and imagination become your products. We specialize in injection molding custom rubber parts and can take you every step of the way, whether it's from a sketch to full production, or the replication of an item that already exists.

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생산물 기술

1. 사출 성형 맞춤형 고무 부품-성형 공정

Injection molding is one of the important manufacturing methods in rubber molding processes. The rubber is pre-heated before being injected into the mold. After pre-heated, the rubber flows more readily into the mold, allowing for higher cure temperatures, shortening the curing cycle. Rubber injection molding presses provide tight clamping, which results in little or no flash. We have injection machines with tonnage of 100 to 300 tons which can improve the compactness and functionality of products (especially the functionality of shock-absorbing products).


Advantages of Rubber Injection Molding

Fast production.

낮은 인건비.

Can be used to produce very small parts.

후반 작업 스크랩이 거의 남지 않습니다.

Good product consistency.

마무리 요구 사항 감소.

Good dimensional control.


Disadvantages of Rubber Injection Molding

Small runs of parts can be costly.

Requires large production runs to really be efficient.

모든 화합물 또는 경도계가이 공정에 적합한 것은 아닙니다.

High initial tooling and machinery cost.

Part design restrictions.


2.Application of Injection Molding Rubber Parts.

Rubber injection molding is an ideally suited for mid-to-high-volume production and where tight tolerances, part consistency or over-molding are required. It is widely used for the following products:

â— 고무 장화

●Rubber gaskets

â— 고무 씰

●Rubber grommets

â— 유색 고무 제품

●Rubber bumpers

●Rubber grips

●Rubber diaphragms

â— 고무 벨로우즈

â— 고무 완충기

●Rubber to metal bonding products

●Complex rubber products

â— 진동 제어 부품 / 방진 부품

â— 내 화학성 또는 내식성 부품

●Abrasion-resistant parts

â— 맞춤형 고무 부품



3. 사출 성형 맞춤형 고무 부품 인증

We serve our customers with high quality Injection Molding Custom Rubber Parts by strictly follow ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949.

4. 품질 관리

5.Payment,Deliver,Shipping And Serving


1.Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

LJ RUBBER is 100% Manufacturer of Molded Rubber Products

2.Where is your factory located?

Xiamen City, Southeast of China

3. How many factories do you have?

우리는 두 개의 공장이 있습니다 :

1. Head office: SLD RUBBER was found in 1985, specialize in producing MIXING RUBBER Componds(Synthetic Rubbers)

2. Molded Manufacturer: LJ RUBBER was found in 2005, specialize in manufacturing Custom Rubber Molded Products."

4. What is your MOQ?

Because all rubber products are custom made, the MOQ will depend on how much the batch of rubber will yield for the rubber part that you requesting.

6. What kind of test can you do to ensure rubber property of my applicaton?

We do the testing of following:


인장 강도

Compression Set

Aging Resistance

내 오존성


Tear Resistance

Oil Resistance

고온 및 저온 저항

RoHs, 요구 사항에 따라 도달하십시오. "

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